PayLocally is a hybrid Online Payment Solutions.

Not Everyone Wants to Use Credit or Debit Card for Online Shopping


PayLocally is a hybrid online Payment solution that provides payment processing to both online shoppers and e-merchants. PayLocally’s online payment solution enables online shoppers to make payments with or without the need to use debit or credit cards as long as the user's account is pre-credited with debit or credit card. And this can be done through PayLocally’s website.

One of the primary advantages of using PayLocally is that it shields buyers from credit card fraud, since it limits how often debit/credit card information is shared online. In addition, it enables people without credit cards to make payments with cash. PayLocally can be used all over the world as long as the user's account is credited prior to shopping online, and multiple credit cards can be consolidated into a single PayLocally account.

Also, PayLocally’s payment solution is beneficial to parents and kids by allowing parents to manage and monitor kid’s online shopping and gaming expenses. Parents can fund kids’ PayLocally account by transferring funds to the kids’ PayLocally account. This protects parents’ accounts and prevents credit card misuse. Furthermore, kids can transfer their piggy banks fund to their PayLocally’s account as well.

So how should businesses reach these customers? Well, that’s where PayLocally comes in!

With PayLocally, customers and users will be able to shop with all major global eCommerce sites that are PayLocally enabled. And during online shopping checkout time, PayLocally will be presented as a payment option in all PayLocally enabled online stores. And in order to complete the online shopping transaction, the buyer would be prompted by the online merchant to provide their PayLocally's unique ID, and PayLocally will authenticate the transaction ID and make payment on behalf of the buyer. Once payment is processed and approved, the online merchant will ship your order.

Shop Globally
To start shopping, create your PayLocally account and pre-load it with your bank debit / credit card or with cash through our affiliate bank, then search for items from your favorite online stores and PayLocally will make your payment.

Pay Locally
To complete shopping, add items to shopping cart and click on the “ Check out ” button. Then provide the unique ID issued to you by PayLocally.

Track Purchases
Once payment is completed, you can track the status of your purchased items